Title: warp<gap>weft t-shirt
Year: 2023
Location: Amterdam
Material:  Second hand white t-shirt, second hand white tanktop, heatfoil print

“The fabric/textus is often seen as the truth, even though it is constructed and selected/biased, to describe means to unthread which is a process of selection. Unravelling could reveal the underlying structures and showing what is selected and thus what is hidden.”

 – Joke Robaard.
Robaard, J. (2013). Social Fabric. The Serving Library. https://www.servinglibrary.org/journal/6/social-fabric

**Warp:** = Grid. The expected. The foundation threads in weaving, representing the fixed boundaries and constraints imposed by traditional historiographical methods in the context of historical narratives. 

**Weft:** The unexpected,  the threads woven over and under the warp threads, symbolizing the mobile and flexible. The weft creates patterns and different materials can be used. It is flexible and adaptable, the information can be curated.

**To describe:** “To describe = to “unthread” a word. Threading, setting up a loom or choosing a description, is in fact a process of selection, choosing the golden threads and recollecting them, seeing only what you want to see. You can conceive of this as a visual lesson, too, in the sense that following the track of the thread enables you to focus on the structure(the warp), the composition of this particular material(the weft).  

**Gap:** The desirable space between metaphorical language and reality, akin to gaps in woven fabrics, signifying a space for exploration and testing the boundaries of literary and presented history

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