Title: Melted Libraries: shorts/bags/tops
Year: 2023
Location: Amterdam
Material: Second hand sport shorts, second hand used plastic bags

"Melted Libraries"
sheds light on the excess and waste embedded in our consumer-driven society. By incorporating packaging materials directly into the garment, the project not only highlights the environmental impact of consumerism but also exposes information typically stripped from the garment. The collection of waste, including bags, labels, receipts, and papers, serves as a visual history of each garment, providing a glimpse into the often unseen aspects of the fashion industry.

Unveiling the concept of "paraproducts," these marginal elements—receipts, labels, bags, and plastic sleeves—accompany garments pre-sale, serving as the last remnants of the garment's identity. As these paraproducts become an integral part of the garment through the melting process, the project questions the disposable nature of these items and critiques the commodification of clothing in the fashion industry.
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